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Rainbow - A World of Opportunities

               We are so excited that you decided to stop by and check out our opportunity. Here at Rainbow we know we have the best cleaning system available! Rexair is constantly improving our product that we can assure you that we will always have the best cleaning system available to homeowners. Our Manufacturer has been in business for over 85 Years and with their experience and guidance I know our distributorship will thrive and be successful at supplying customers with the best products, and Dealers with the best opportunity available in the direct sales world. We not only sell the best product but we have an opportunity to change your family’s financial picture for the better. In Rainbow you can earn Full-Time pay for Part-Time hours!

          The only thing we ask, if you are accepted and join our Rainbow family, is you provide all your customers and colleagues with a high level of service and respect. This is truly the opportunity you have been waiting for!

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